“In 2011 I am going to eat fewer sweets and chocolates. I am also not going to bite my nails”

As 2011 fast approached I decided that the two statements above would become my resolutions for the forthcoming year. Yet within a week of the New Year starting, the sweet shop in Grainger Market, Newcastle, had seen a surge in profit as I raided the pic n mix (fizzy cola bottles, jelly beans, mint imperials, aniseed balls……..) one day and instead of growing, my nails had almost disappeared as Crystal Palace held onto an extremely nervy 1-0 victory against fellow relegation strugglers Preston.

As 2012 drew close, however, I thought that my New Year’s resolutions needed a slight change of direction – after all, anyone who knows me well, knows that I have one of the world’s sweetest tooth! And so for 2012, inspired by a chap called Alastair Humphreys, I decided that I would set myself the goal of taking a photo a day every day of the year. But not just any odd photo. Rather an interesting and different photo with thought and planning behind it

I think there is a general consensus out there that you need a fancy camera with a lens longer than Pinocchio’s nose to take a great photo. Yet my camera – a Panasonic Lumix DMC FX35 – is small, fits neatly into my pocket and I have been really happy with the outcome of some of my photos.

Here are the fruits of my labour for February. Please let me know what you think of them.

The gate which guards Yesenia's front door 1.2.2012
Across the railway line and into Barrio Oasis 2.2.2012
Striding along the pavement outside Amani Casa - Shop - Tours 3.2.2012
Street art in Taganga 4.2.2012
Taganga bay under moonlight 5.2.2012
Santa Marta's yacht club 6.2.2012
A refreshing dip in the sea, Santa Marta 7.2.2012
One of the beautiful tiled street signs in Santa Marta 8.2.2012
The 'Salida de Emergencia' sign on my bus with the sun setting in the background, as I travelled from Santa Marta to Cartagena 9.2.2012
Street art, Getsemani, Cartagena 10.2.2012
One of the 72 islands which make up Islas del Rosario, off the coast of Cartagena 11.2.2012
One of the many picturesque colonial balconies in Cartagena's Old Town 12.2.2012
La Catedral de Santa Marta at night as seen from Mum and Dad's hotel balcony 13.2.2012
Valentine's Day 14.2.2012
Parque de Bolivar, Santa Marta 15.2.2012
A panoramic view of Santa Marta from Casa Loma, a hostel in Minca 16.2.2012
Parque de Los Novios, Santa Marta 17.2.2012
Pigeons.....sitting, waiting, wishing 18.2.2012
La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 19.2.2012
Santa Marta's new clubbing experience where a bottle of beer costs $8,000 COP! 20.2.2012
Edifico del Cafe, Santa Marta 21.2.2012
Bogota's historic centre, La Candelaria 22.2.2012
Fernando Botero's take on the Mona Lisa. "I don't paint fat people, they just appear fat in my paintings" 23.2.2012
A marching band in Quito, Ecuador. 24.2.2012
Añangu Lake, The Napo Wildlife Centre, Ecuador 25.2.2012
A Monarch butterfly (I think) 26.2.2012
The view from the 130 foot canopy tower looking out over the Ecudorian Amazon Rainforest at the Napo Wildlife Centre 27.2.2012
Crossing the Napo River, the Amazon's 16th longest tributary, Ecuador 28.2.2012
Looking out over Quito from the top of La Basilica 29.2.2012

To see my January efforts, follow this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/68130795@N03/sets/72157628810060207/